My Head’s All Over the Place! Help!!

Dear Molly,

How do I organize all my creative ideas that scatter around my young brain at all times of the day? Please help!!!!

– Krazy Kathy

Dear Krazy Kathy,

I love ideas.  Aren’t they fun?

Maybe what you can do is write them down in an Idea Book and carry it with you at all times. Then at the end of the day, read what you wrote down.  Pick 1 idea to put into action.  Don’t write down any more ideas until you make that one real.

I hope this helps.




How Can I Be More Creative?

Dear Molly,

When I was a kid I had all of these things I loved to do.  I used to color and make mobiles and hang them in my room! I would get lost being creative and working on projects for hours.  Oh how I miss dance lessons too! Would it be silly for me to do what I loved as a kid at age 34 now that I have two kids of my own?

-Kraving Kreativity in Kansas

Dear Kraving Kreativity in Kansas,

It wouldn’t be silly at all!  Stop caring what other people think, and do what you love.  You’ll probably inspire others to do the same.  Get out the crayolas, and have some fun! Take a class, or do art with your kids.  They’ll love doing projects with you.  Maybe you can make some mobiles together and hang them in your house.  You don’t have to do everything with them, though.  You need your space too.  Allow yourself the fun, and get involved.

As for dancing, what are you waiting for?  The dance floor can’t wait to see you.  Grab your dancing shoes and go! You might even find a dancing class to do with your kids. Now that would be fun!

Get creative.  You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these sorts of things.  You’re never too old to do what you love.  Enjoy dancing with a paintbrush, and make something wonderful!  Lose yourself in play.  I bet you won’t feel like you’re 34 years old much longer.

What else did you love to do?  Spend some time remembering.  Your kids will love seeing you happy and fulfilled.  It will give them even more freedom and permission to be themselves.  If they’re doing their own thing too, then you’ll all have something fun to talk about at the end of the day.

Never feel bad about letting yourself feel like a kid.  It’s the best.

Now go have some fun!




How Can I Feel Like a Kid Again?

Dear Molly,

I want to know about feeling like a kid again.  Any suggestions?

-Wondering in Walla Walla

Dear Wondering in Walla Walla,

What do you love to do?  The secret to feeling like a kid again is to remember what you love to do – and then do it.  If you don’t know, that’s okay.  It just means you get to try a bunch of things until you figure it out, and that can be fun too.

Here’s my advice:

Spend time with kids.

Listen to your heart.

Play! Play games, songs, musical chairs – whatever.  Just play.

Don’t let other people tell you what to do.  Do what you want.

Create things.  Eat lollipops.  Swim sideways.  Dance naked.  Jump rope in the hallway.

Whatever you do – do it because you want to. 

Then no matter what you do, it will probably be fun.

Decide what you want – do what you want – let it be fun. 

That’s it!

Thanks for writing.