Start Moving

Dear Molly,

How can I create the life I’ve dreamed of?  I have a vision, but how do I put it into place? Please help.

– Jenny

Dear Jenny,

The journey begins with your first step.  It is not as complicated as it seems.  Keep your vision in mind and decide on a single step.  Do you need to connect to a person?  Set up a bank account?  Write a buisness plan?  Pick an area of focus, and you’ll find your first step.  Don’t worry about what comes next – just do one thing at a time.  This is all it takes – one foot in front of the other.  Let yourself feel the momentum as you go and be okay with going in fits and starts.  This is just how it goes sometimes.  Soon enough you’ll hit your stride –

Then you’ll be writing back wondering how to manage it all.

I’ll be here when you do.

Go to it!




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