Not All Fun and Games

Dear Molly,

It’s great to be all fun and games, but let’s get real.  There are bills to pay, and I need to work.  I’d love to spend my days at the park like you, but I have to get food on the table.  What do you have to say about that?

– Todd

Dear Todd,

I respect the fact that you have to get food on the table.  I’d invite you over for dinner for a night off, but I don’t really love your attitude.

It’s half your problem.

How can you focus on fun and games when you’re so wrapped up in your stress?

If I were you, I’d just get my work done, get to the grocery store (maybe even have them deliver) and then get on with the business of living – which believe it or not, is supposed to be fun.

I might even put fun first for awhile to drown out some of that negativity.  That will help you start getting things back into balance.

Don’t be mad at me, because I’m 7 and my mom still cooks for me.

Focus on yourself – and let it be easy.

If you need help, ask for it.  Maybe you and your neighbors can cook for each other for awhile.  That ought to free up some of your time.

Now, what you decide to do with it is up to you.

Will you continue to complain or jump in and have some fun?

I hope for your sake and those that have to be around you, you choose the latter.

There’s always a way out.  The question is:

Can you see it?

Gotta run! Time for dinner!

Bon Appetit.




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