Igniting Inspiration

Dear Molly,

When I am inspired, everything in my life feels easy.  When I am not, everything feels hard.  How can I connect more to this feeling of inspiration?

– Igniting Inspiration in Idaho

Dear Igniting Inspiration in Idaho,

Thank you for asking this question – People need to hear this!

Inspiration flows when you are connected to a higher level of being.  You may notice you feel lighter during such times.  Even being open to the possibility of feeling this way can allow it to flow through.

Can you remember what you were doing when you felt inspired?  Pay attention.  In fact, write a short list.  Every time you notice you are inspired, take note of what you are doing.  As you become more aware, you’ll be able to deliberately add these things to your days.  This will create more of an inspirational flow to your life rather than experiencing short-lived, inconsistent moments of inspiration that seem to come out of the blue.

You may notice it happens around certain people, listening to specific music or simply listening to music in general, being out in nature, while exercising, etc.  It doesn’t matter what the list looks like.  It just matters that it feels good to you.  You’ll ‘know’ you’re inspired when like you say, life begins to flow along with a bit more ease, and perhaps you even feel lighter.

Generally speaking, the more you’re able to get into a ‘feeling good’ place, the more you’ll experience inspiration.  Don’t be fooled though – It can also come during your darkest times as something that needs to be released or unleashed.  Whatever the case, you will feel better as you allow it to find its way through you.  Don’t be alarmed.  This is the way we are meant to live – daily.

Notice what you are doing when you feel inspired and allow yourself more of these experiences that make you feel so good.

Easy, right?

Happy flowing – enjoy the moments!




Losing Yourself In Love

Dear Molly,

I’m having trouble in a relationship.  I just don’t think I want to be in this one anymore, but I’m comfortable and we know each other so well.  I want to move on, but I don’t know how.

Lost in Love in Louisville

Dear Lost in Love in Louisville,

Sometimes relationships come to an end.  I know it can be sad, but some are not meant to last forever.  We meet people for a reason.  They teach us things about ourselves.  They help us see what we really want – sometimes by showing us what we don’t want.

It is great to be comfortable, but if it is not giving you what you need and you have done everything you can to grow with it to no avail, it is time to move on.  First, take some time to be with yourself and see how you contributed to the dynamic of the relationship.  What was it that attracted you to this person in the first place?  What need did they fill for you back then that is no longer working for you or what you need now?

Sometimes we outgrow people.  Sometimes we’re not solid enough yet in who we are when we come together with someone, which caused us to pick a person who wasn’t quite right.

Trust your intuition.  If you are feeling it is time to move on, you are probably right.  Have the courage and self-respect to do so.  Your first step will be to make the decision.  Start there, and trust you will figure out the rest as you go.  Surround yourself with positive support from others, and give yourself time to heal.  When you are ready, if you so desire, you will have the chance to be with someone new – this time a little more aware of what you want and need.

Give yourself permission to make the choice that makes you happy.



Time To Change

Dear Molly,

It’s been awhile since I made a change in my life, and something’s gotta give.  It doesn’t feel possible at the moment.  I need change on all sides – new location, people, etc. How do you suggest going about this process of change?

Itching For Change In Ithaca

Dear Itching For Change In Ithaca,

Change is hard.  Most people don’t usually want to do it, but they feel it is time.  Think about how it will be when you’ve made all the changes you desire – when you’ve really settled into your new life.  Keep the vision in your mind, and give yourself permission to let it unfold one step at a time.  Do 1 thing/day that will move you closer to your vision – Anything beyond that is excellent but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  You can do it.

Decide on a first step, and start from there.  Remember the positives of change – fresh energy, new routine, exciting opportunities and enjoying new people.  Focus on the joy – let it cancel your fear.

1 thing.  1 day at a time.

Trust yourself through the middle of the process and know everything can be figured out as you step up.  You don’t need to know everything ahead of time.  I believe in you.  Shoot for the moon – live the life you have always dreamed of.  I’ll be thinking of you.