Time To Change

Dear Molly,

It’s been awhile since I made a change in my life, and something’s gotta give.  It doesn’t feel possible at the moment.  I need change on all sides – new location, people, etc. How do you suggest going about this process of change?

Itching For Change In Ithaca

Dear Itching For Change In Ithaca,

Change is hard.  Most people don’t usually want to do it, but they feel it is time.  Think about how it will be when you’ve made all the changes you desire – when you’ve really settled into your new life.  Keep the vision in your mind, and give yourself permission to let it unfold one step at a time.  Do 1 thing/day that will move you closer to your vision – Anything beyond that is excellent but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  You can do it.

Decide on a first step, and start from there.  Remember the positives of change – fresh energy, new routine, exciting opportunities and enjoying new people.  Focus on the joy – let it cancel your fear.

1 thing.  1 day at a time.

Trust yourself through the middle of the process and know everything can be figured out as you step up.  You don’t need to know everything ahead of time.  I believe in you.  Shoot for the moon – live the life you have always dreamed of.  I’ll be thinking of you.




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