Igniting Inspiration

Dear Molly,

When I am inspired, everything in my life feels easy.  When I am not, everything feels hard.  How can I connect more to this feeling of inspiration?

– Igniting Inspiration in Idaho

Dear Igniting Inspiration in Idaho,

Thank you for asking this question – People need to hear this!

Inspiration flows when you are connected to a higher level of being.  You may notice you feel lighter during such times.  Even being open to the possibility of feeling this way can allow it to flow through.

Can you remember what you were doing when you felt inspired?  Pay attention.  In fact, write a short list.  Every time you notice you are inspired, take note of what you are doing.  As you become more aware, you’ll be able to deliberately add these things to your days.  This will create more of an inspirational flow to your life rather than experiencing short-lived, inconsistent moments of inspiration that seem to come out of the blue.

You may notice it happens around certain people, listening to specific music or simply listening to music in general, being out in nature, while exercising, etc.  It doesn’t matter what the list looks like.  It just matters that it feels good to you.  You’ll ‘know’ you’re inspired when like you say, life begins to flow along with a bit more ease, and perhaps you even feel lighter.

Generally speaking, the more you’re able to get into a ‘feeling good’ place, the more you’ll experience inspiration.  Don’t be fooled though – It can also come during your darkest times as something that needs to be released or unleashed.  Whatever the case, you will feel better as you allow it to find its way through you.  Don’t be alarmed.  This is the way we are meant to live – daily.

Notice what you are doing when you feel inspired and allow yourself more of these experiences that make you feel so good.

Easy, right?

Happy flowing – enjoy the moments!




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