Dear Molly,

I’m having trouble with a friend.  She doesn’t like the same things I do.  In fact, we’ve really grown apart.  What do you recommend?


Dear Friendly,

Sometimes people change.  Maybe it’s for the best you two take some space from each other.  There’s always the potential for coming back together if the intersection feels right.  Sometimes what happens is this: people are in the process of growing and changing all the time, and not all of our growth goes at the same pace, so while she may be in one place, you may be in another.  One is not better than the other, but for a new union or friendship to be successful you will have to meet each other on each of your “new paths.”  It will work, or it won’t – you’ll know right away.  Don’t take it personally, or feel bad about it – just remember we’re all constantly evolving, and breaks and space are needed to allow new growth.

Hope this helps.




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