Waiting, Waiting and Waiting Some More

Dear Molly,

What happens when you wait too long to change?  Right now I have that feeling of discord – there’s this that I want that I haven’t moved into yet, and then there’s where I am – which doesn’t feel quite right anymore.  How can I bridge the gap?

– Middling in Montana

Dear Middling in Montana,

Transitions.  Not an easy thing.  Are you feeling discord because you’re longing for something you don’t have, or is the discord because what you wanted came and went, and you didn’t go with it?

Make peace with where you are – it will provide you more mobility as you begin to trek forward.  If you can’t do that, you’re sure to spin your wheels.

After all, it is the journey along the way that counts, isn’t it?

You don’t want to move so fast you miss your life.  Just remember that as soon as you  arrive wherever you are going, something else will call you forward to expand, so don’t worry too much about the outcome.  Just enjoy the ride (that should help with your feeling of discord).

By the way, where are you “going?” Is it somewhere fun?

I hope so!




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