Akward Athlete – Who Cares!

Dear Molly,

I want to try some new activities, but I’m not that great at sports.  I’m nervous about jumping in and trying something new.  I’ve never really been an “athlete.”  What do you suggest?

– Akward Athlete in Addison

Dear Akward Athlete in Addison,

I love sports!  You are in for some fun!

Don’t worry about how good you are at it – that’s not the point.  Just enjoy yourself!

Since you’re feeling nervous, why don’t you start with what they label “beginner” classes or leagues (even though you’d be fine elsewhere too) – It will help soothe your nerves.  Just the idea of it being “basic” will help you ease into it.  Then when you build your confidence with it a bit, take another step up.

So many choices – I’m excited for you!  Tennis, baseball, soccer, swimming.  Try a bunch, and see what you like the best!

You’ll definitely find one that clicks.  Promise.

Have fun!




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