Dream Job Landed

Dear Molly,

I just landed my dream job!  Now I’m freaking out.  What if it’s not what I think it’s going to be?  What if I can’t handle it?  What if it’s too much pressure?  Ahhhh!  Please help.

What-iffing in Wauwatosa

Dear What-iffing in Wauwatosa,

Way to go!  You did it!

Relax and take a breath.  Just enjoy the moment for a minute (maybe even two). 🙂

No use projecting into the future.  Practice staying present – remember the point is to enjoy yourself.

You may very well meet some obstacles, but you’re well-equipped to handle them.

Focus on the fact that you just landed your dream job.  Savor, Savor, Savor.  You can figure everything out as you go.

Everything is working out now, isn’t it?  Don’t mess it up by focusing on what might go wrong.  Sometimes our fears become our reality.  So, I’m going to ask you to cut that out!  You just landed your dream job!!

Just reminding you, because it sounds like you forgot how amazing that is.

Have fun!




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