Moving On From Past Relationships

Dear Molly,

I just broke up with my boyfriend, and he immediately started seeing someone new.  I’m hurt.  I haven’t found anyone new yet.  Can you help me?

Seriously So Soon? In Saskwatch

Dear Seriously So Soon in Saskwatch,

I’m sorry you’re hurting.

Your ex’s moving on right now is about him and not all you.  Try not to take it too personally.  For all you know, he may have missed you so much, he couldn’t stand being alone.

Even if that’s not the case, don’t spend your precious energy worrying about it.

You will find someone new when you are ready – just make sure you are ready.  It’s okay to take some space for a bit – reflect on what worked and what didn’t.  Take yourself out, and remind yourself you’re just fine on your own too.  Always a good reminder.

Then, get back in the game.

It’s possible to want something so much, you drive it away.  Relax as much as you can – You’ll feel better.

All in due time.  Don’t push it.  Believe you’re worthy of someone great, and you’ll be dancing again in no time.




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