Round and Round and Round We Go

Dear Molly,

I just repeated an old cycle.  I was so close to breaking through, and then there it was again.  How come our biggest obstacles come up and smack us in the face right when we’re about to break new ground?  Now I’m back to square one, and I most definitely do not want to do this again. Can you please offer some insight?

Repetitively Round-Abouting in Rhode Island

Dear Repetitively Round-Abouting in Rhode Island,

Don’t ya just hate that?!

Kinda makes you want to throw in the towel sometimes.  I understand.

Well, I suppose one possibility is you didn’t fully integrate the lesson the first time through.  So, it came around again to see if you had embodied the change or not – and unfortunately it sounds like you got another chance to do that.  Or fortunately, you got another chance to do just that, so you’re stronger and wiser now.  It’s all in the perspective.  Take a minute to step back and think what about you need to shift inside, so the next time it presents itself you’ll walk right past.

Our biggest obstacles become the most intense right before a breakthrough.  It’s as if they are saying, “Are you sure you really want me to go?” because they would sure like to stick around and play.  Don’t fall for it.  Call on your inner strength, take a breath and move ahead.   Your ego likes to trick you into thinking you need it to call the shots – You don’t!  It never has your best interests at heart.  Stick with the intensity as you meet it, and lay it to rest once and for all.

Then enjoy your newfound freedom.




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