How ‘Bout Some Movement Over Here?

Dear Molly, 

What do you do when your life seems to lose purpose?  The thing is I know a lot of what would make me happy, and I even have an idea of my life purpose.  However, when it comes to actually living it – well, I just don’t do it.  Please advise.  I want to live my dream, not just think about it.  

-Standing Still in Stoughton

Dear Standing Still in Stoughton, 

You are going through a “wait” phase.  This is what people do when they are scared to take action on their dreams.  They think – oh, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow or the next day.  Right now I have to take care of x, y, and z, but all you are doing is falsely convincing yourself that you are either not deserving of living your dream, or it’s not possible.  Neither are true.  

Bring it to life – this is why you are here – to express yourself fully.  

Do not worry if you fail.  Failure is doing nothing.  Take a chance, and see where it goes. You just might surprise yourself.  It will make everything else in your life seem like easy street – or at least not as much of a drag as it sounds like it has been.  

Go to it! 




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