My Energy Is Getting Away From Me

Dear Molly, 

I am having trouble sustaining my energy from day to day.  Can you please provide some insight as to how to create some order and discipline to my days, so I can see some progress with what I’m working on?  

– Sustainability in Sarasota

Dear Sustainability in Sarasota, 

Come up with a simple routine you can do daily at the same time of day every day.  Let this be the center you build your days and life around.  Maybe every morning you journal for 30 minutes, or every evening you take a bath and meditate.  Better yet, if you frame your days with consistent morning and evening practices, you will find it much more fun to fill in the middle.  Nice to know at least some thing will stay the same from day to day – makes it easier to let go and be spontaneous in other areas of your life.  

Have fun!




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