Holy Madness of a Year

Dear Molly,

I had quite the year last year.  None of my plans came to fruition, and I am having a hard time making peace with it.  I want to move forward without the disappointment overshadowing my plans.  Could this year be even better because of all that has come before?  Please help me put this to rest once and for all.

Disappointed in Denver

Dear Disappointed in Denver,

It sounds like you had a big year planned last year – maybe your expectations got to be so high, you found you couldn’t actually live up to them.  Rather than thinking you have to fix anything externally, take some time to adjust your dreams and expectations.

Yes – anything is possible, but will everything happen at once? Maybe not.  Spread out your plans and give yourself some space to move into them.

Reconnect to the feeling you want when it’s all said and done, and let yourself feel that all along the way.  That’s really what you’re looking for in the first place –

The Joy of the Journey.

Because, guess what?

You’re never done – You’re always going to want more.  Instead of focusing on all that you have not done yet, remember inside you are already fully complete.  As you move forward with this understanding, you’ll be amazed at how opportunities just seem to keep finding you – and better yet – how you’re now able to let them in.

Make this year your best yet by focusing on everything that’s going right, and remember to have some fun!





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