Inside Out Beliefs

Dear Molly,

How do you let go of what’s no longer serving you when it has kept you comfortable for so long? 

                                                                                                                Clinging in Cleveland

Dear Clinging in Cleveland,

This is kind of a general question, but it’s a good one.  I imagine you could be talking about a relationship, a job or an old habit.  Whatever the case, I’m going to ask you to go a little bit deeper and have a look at some beliefs that may not be serving you. 

For instance, maybe you’re tired of people treating you a certain way in your relationships.  Instead of just looking at the external piece – the relationship – What belief do you have about yourself that allows this treatment from others?

Perhaps you think you’re not worthy of love and respect (a common belief, I might add), so you keep attracting people who give you further evidence this is true. 

This may take a little time, but what you really want to do is reconstruct some old beliefs – this is how you will begin to change your life. 

It really does start inside. 

Notice what is happening on the outside — repeated patterns, constant frustrations, etc.  Then, go inside to see if you can discover what beliefs about yourself these people and situations are triggering.

Old ways of thinking and believing are what you will need to let go of.  When you grasp that, it will be a lot easier, because you’ll realize it’s not anything material. 

It is a shift within.

This shift will naturally open you up to new circumstances and people that are more fitting for you, and when you catch a glimpse of what’s in store —

You won’t want to hold on to what came before. 

Best of luck and lots of love,



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