Breathe through the Threshold of Change

Dear Molly,

I keep coming up to this same spot in my life that I can’t seem to push through.  It gets me every time, and I’d like to move through whatever barrier this is that is preventing me from realizing some changes I’m desiring in my life. 

-Spinning in Saskwatch

Dear Spinning in Saskwatch,

You’re not alone!  We all come up to these barriers when we try to move beyond our daily grind into something new.  Lots of ‘stuff’ can come up right before you step into it.  Those old voices will try to keep you exactly where you’ve been. 

Take a deep breath and just notice the thoughts.  This will help you remember they’re not really you.  The ‘real’ you wants to move into new terrain.  The ‘real’ you loves to explore and create.  So….

Make a little plan for yourself ahead of time.  Ask yourself what you need when things get tight and stressful.  Then, make a short list of those things to keep on hand.  Some times when stress hits, we can’t think clearly.  So you can imagine yourself ahead of time walking up to that threshold of change and practice what you’ll do to move through. 

Call a friend? 


Play some fun music? 

Stay out of your head, and let your heart lead.  Remember to breathe.  Always, breathe!!!

Personally, I like to dance.

Keep it light, and you’ll be fine. 

I believe in you. 




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