Peace and Happiness

Dear Molly,

Can you tell me the secret to peace and happiness?  How can I feel this more, and most importantly, how can I sustain it as a habitual or permanent part of my being?

– Practicing Peace in Penciltown

Dear Practicing Peace in Penciltown,

Peace and happiness is who you are.  When you are not feeling these things, you are not connected to your true self.  Maybe you get distracted by everyday responsibilities and expectations.  Keep doing what you need to do, but let go of your attachment to it.  Be free.  Your life is your choice, and it’s always in your power to change it.  Keep it simple – do what you love, surround yourself with people you enjoy and support you, and feed your spirit!

Honor yourself daily.  As you learn to see yourself in the light, regardless of what’s happening around you, you will experience peace like never before.  And peace invites happiness.

Lots of love,



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