Relational Rehab

Dear Molly,

What do you suggest I do about being in a relationship?  I’ve been wanting to be in one for some time, but it’s just not happening for me.  Do you believe in soul mates?


– Relational Rehab in Rhode Island

Dear Relational Rehab in Rhode Island,

I do believe in soul mates.  When you meet someone and you get a sense you have met them before or know them from somewhere that is a definite sign of a soul mate.

If you want to be in a relationship, first you must feel good about you – you want to attract someone who is in line with the authentic you – which means you must first have a sense of who that part of you is.

Make space for him/her to come into your life.  Start arranging things in your home as if he/she is already there.  I know it sounds silly, but this really works.

Let go of how you think he/she is going to come to you, and line up with what you love to do.  Fill your life up, open your heart, and he/she will find his/her way to you.  Let it happen naturally – don’t panic – let him/her in!!

People who know who they are and live in accordance with this knowing are incredibly attractive.  He/she is not far from you.  Step into your happiness, and it will happen in no time!




Makeover in Memphis

Dear Molly,

Got any advice for an old woman who wants to re-invent herself? 

– Making it Over in Memphis

Dear Making it Over in Memphis,

Yes! Have fun with it!

Let each day be new as you discover, discard, and add more to the you you are becoming.  Every day is a new beginning.  Choose to see yourself and life as a constant evolution you can connect to at any moment.  Honor the woman you are on the inside and out – love her.  This is the greatest accessory you can add to any re-invention – Self-love.  Anything’s possible from this core connection.  Let the steps reveal themselves to you, and enjoy the unfolding.