Wanderlusting in Westchester

Dear Molly,

I would like to travel more, and it is currently not in my budget.  How can I start making space for this?  I would like it to become a more regular part of my life.  Please help me make this happen!

– Wanderlusting in Westchester

Dear Wanderlusting in Westchester,

This is easier than you think it will be.  Once you make space for and enjoy the first trip, it will set the energy in motion for you to keep going with it.  The joy and vitality you will feel from getting away will allow you to start easily formulating solutions for designing your life.  Simply begin to choose your destinations, and enjoy the process of anticipation.  Get excited, and pick a few!  This will be rejuvenating for you.  Then commit to the one you want to do first, even if you don’t yet have the resources.  The money will show up for you.  Once you commit, the path will begin to show itself to you.  Trust yourself as you carve this out – and LET YOURSELF enjoy it!  This process really works, I promise.  Ask and receive.  Have fun!  I love traveling.




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