Joyful Journey

Dear Molly,

Please talk to me about how I can live more fully and enjoy this experience of life.  I tend to get obsessed with getting things done and the ever elusive finish line, which you and I both know does not exist.  I still crave the completion of things, but I’d like to be able to enjoy myself along the way.  How do I reconcile these two points, so I may feel the success and confidence from completing cycles but not lose myself in the chase?  Thank you for your guidance.

– Chasing in Chatanooga

Dear Chasing in Chatanooga,

The journey is why you’re here, but I agree there’s a certain degree of satisfaction that comes from the finish line too.

Here is how you use them both.

Focus on what you want and where you would like to be, then detach from the outcome.  Hold that vision strong, but do not think you need to know every detail of how you will get there.  This is part of the fun.  The vision will pull you forward, but by detaching from the ‘finish line,’ you free yourself to enjoy the steps.  Take pleasure in the momentum that builds along the way!  It’s kind of like planning a trip — sometimes the anticipation is as wonderful as the trip itself — but if you can learn to enjoy both – then you’ve really got it made!

It’s important to have something to look forward to, because it keeps your energy moving forward.  If you’ve ever felt stuck, this is a great way to get out.  The idea of something has to excite you enough to propel you into action when the time is right.

Knowing you’re moving towards something keeps you from getting lost in the shuffle.  Living like a kid again requires total immersion in right now.  Stay loose, and be easy with it.  Tension and negativity will block your progress, and worse they will steal your joy.

Focus Forward.  Live Right Now. 

This is how you integrate the two.

You didn’t come for the win.  You came for the game.  The win is short-lived.  Once you get there, you’ll want something else.  To really master this, you know this ahead of time.  This allows you to add one cycle on top of another until this beautiful flow becomes your life.

Enjoy the journey.  Enjoy the end.  Just know the end becomes a new starting line.

When you acknowledge this, you’ll throw your arms in the air and begin to enjoy the ride.

Now get to ‘work!’