Letting Go

Dear Molly,

I’m ready to move into a new phase in my life. It’s been a long time coming, probably should’ve done it years ago, but I’m ready now. I’m wondering how to make it through in one piece coming out on the other side feeling alive and free. I don’t normally handle change well, and all parts of my life are shifting. Please help me through!

– Shifting in Shelbysville

Dear Shifting in Shelbysville,


I know it’s scary, but you’re getting ready for the one of the greatest adventures of your life!

That’s my first piece of advice – See it as an adventure you are creating.

The key to making it through the middle is to let go. Trust the change.

Keep your eyes focused forward, because there’s so much ahead of you.

Make sure to remind yourself why this is important to you. You may need that reminder more than a time or two. 🙂

When life starts moving really fast, remind yourself you can never keep up with everything, and you never have to. Stay strong and focused, but also let go. That’s a tricky balance for some, but it’s how you’ll come out feeling alive and free. The freedom’s in the letting go. Just keep moving with it the best you can, and when you need a break – take one!

I tell you it’s all in the pacing!

Happy trails to you! I think you are going to be great.


p.s. the first step sometimes is all it takes to open up a brand new life. I believe in you!


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