Hiya!  I’m Molly.

Bet you’re wondering what a seven year old is doing with a blog.

My parents are wondering the same thing. Good thing it will be years before they figure out those parental controls.

In the meantime – Here I am – At your service.

I decided to set up this advice column, because wouldn’t you know even at seven years old people are already asking me what to wear, if they should break up with him, and what their dream job looks like.

Crazy, I know.  What could a seven year old possibly know?

In a word:  Everything.

You see I haven’t been tainted by the world yet.  My wisdom and imagination know no bounds – No holding back here.

I want to talk to the kid at heart in you – and bring them out to play.

It’s true what they say, you know – that kids really have it made.  We don’t have a lot to worry about except how much our brothers and sisters annoy us, and what color shoes we should wear each day.  It’s a nice life, really.

That’s why I have time to try lots of new things and do what I love.  I play guitar, dance and draw.  I also love playing tennis and coloring my shoes with crayons.

What do you love to do?

I see way too many of you out there struggling.  You’re not really doing what you love, are you?

I can’t really fix your problems.  But, I might be able to help you look at them differently – you know, from a kid’s point of view – simple, honest and fun.

Ask me anything.

Do you want to know how to get back to feeling like a kid again?  I just might know a thing or two about that.

Maybe your husband left you or you lost your job.  It’s okay.  We can talk about that too.

I know I’m seven and you might not take me seriously, but that’s exactly the point.  You’re not supposed to take everything so seriously. Lighten up, okay?

It’s just life, and it’s supposed to be fun!

Forget everything else for just a minute, and remember that little kid inside you.  He or she wants to come out.  Trust me – I know.

Now send me a question and let’s connect – kid to kid! (Wink, wink) ☺. I’m all ears.


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